This page gathers the fruits of my modest contribution to the written press. I’ve only been published in French so far, apologies to my non-French speaking fellows. For those who are still interested (and for those who read French!), each article can be accessed by clicking on its respective picture. Telling the story of my CPT thru-hike was a-priori a one-off and I don’t necessarily intend to write again for magazines. But if I do, rest assured that I will post the links on this page.


Comment j’ai tué mon égo sur le Pacific Crest Trail

An article published in the magazine Outside France, where I tell the tale of my thru-hike from a certain angle. The full article is available on their web site, but only in French unfortunately.


Le Pacific Crest Trail est-il fait pour vous?

Another article written for Outside France and published at the same time as the first one. Alas! It is in French too, and only available to paying subscribers. No need to mourn this loss though: it’s a summary of the page Are you and the PCT mutually compatible?


Rando: un nouveau site entièrement dédié au mythique Pacific Crest Trail

Outside France talks about my website (in French) – thank you Outside!!

Ouest France

Le désert, la montagne et plus de 4000 km de marche…

Ouest France talks about my experience on the PCT (in French) – Thank you Nicolas Montard for the nice press article!

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